Hello Again, Blogging World!

So Jeigh Cee indeed returns to WordPress.

Just felt like this would be a great one-stop place to showcase ALL of the things that I like to share with the online world and not keep private.

From my random rants and musings, to my travels, my graphic design projects, my bucket-loads of photos, my cheerleading and dancing stints, and just about everything under the sun that I intend to share here for everyone to see, read, ogle, and even criticize. Everything will be right here.

I’ve had made, and kept, and abandoned loads of blogs and sites since the time I’ve discovered the internet. I have also been tweeting not so very recently but I find that 120 characters are just not enough especially when you find yourself with such a lot to say even if you have nothing to say at all (I’m not making any sense as usual).

And who cares if here I am again creating yet another blog? I sure as hell dont and I just can’t help it. LOL.

First thing I’d like to share on this fledgeling blog of mine: my humble little youtube channel. Click here.

I guess that’s it, for now. Ciao!




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