Surprisingly Awesome Bluetooth Speakers

So I recently got these bluetooth speakers called Beatbox as a special gift and they are unexpectedly badass!!!


I mean at first I didn’t think I’d have much use for them since I prefer my earphones but I tried them out in my bedroom earlier and I just suddenly fell in love with it. The sound is incredibly loud for such a small device and it’s on bluetooth to boot. To me there’s just something magical about playing the music from my phone and hearing it blasted without wires on another device.

Its also such a complete package coz you can also plug in a standard 3.5mm earphone cord if you dont have a bluetooth capable device. And it even has a micro SD slot and an FM radio antenna. Cool no?


Don’t be fooled by the Beats logo on it though coz it’s not. But as its given to me as a gift I don’t really care. Never been brand conscious anyway. Except maybe for Sony Xperia phones of which I am a big fan of. But thats for another blog entry maybe.


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