My First Tablet

Just wanted to share pics and a few words about my first Android tablet. Its called Fusion Bolt (cheesy name, right?) by local company Cherry Mobile.


I’ve been meaning to get a tablet for quite some time now primarily for ebook reading and playing games as well as for some light web browsing and watching movies/tv series.

This particular device got rave reviews from Filipino tech bloggers and it came at such a good price too so I went out and got it.

I especially love the screen which is an IPS display and it looks stunning with HD videos. Its quad core gives fast performance and runs Android Jellybean.

Gaming is quite pleasant too with non-existent lags when playing graphics-heavy games such as Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfer. These games are a pain playing on my circa-2011 Xperia Ray.


The build quality is not the best though as I feel some creaks in certain areas when handling the unit. Despite the quad core processor I do get some lags when multi-tasking and switching between apps. Some apps tend to crash and force close a litte more frequently too compared to my cellphone.

There’s a 2mp main camera and VGA front camera as well which would never replace my Xperia Ray’s but they are nice little extras. Has 8gigs of memory and there’s an SD card slot for expansion upto 32gigs.


Overall though it is a good purchase. Its such a cheapo and it takes care of my needs. Im now itching to get that Adobe Photoshop for tablets at the Google Play Store priced nearly Php500 and my need for a desktop would be virtually eradicated 🙂


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