Puerto Galera with Workmates

There are no holidays in the industry Im in. For 365 days a year someone needs to be in the office to pick up the phone.

Having your requests for vacation leaves approved seldom happens in the company I work in thats why long out of town trips are a rareity.

As much as you’d like to have more time to go out and enjoy the summer, your basically left with the two days of rest you get every week, so you need to maximize and take full advantage of what little time off work you can get to rest, relax and recharge.

And thats just what me and my teammates did last Monday. Right after clocking out we headed straight for the beach in Puerto Galera and spent the rest of our “weekend” there.

Here’s some pics I edited on my phone.


Team Ablaze + Team Radiance

Beach party and island hopping.


Play with fire

Fire dancers at night.



Cam-whorring at the beach.


Island hopping

See you again in 2014??? 🙂


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