Dan Brown’s Inferno… That’s It???

I have just finished reading Inferno. It’s the latest novel by Dan Brown featuring Robert Langdon. You know him, he’s the same guy who met Jesus Christ’s great great great grand daughter in one of his previous adventures.

I havent read that one, I just watched the movie.

But I did love Angels & Demons, both book and film. I have yet to read The Lost Symbol though.

I liked that Dan Brown’s novels would always bring you to some faraway exotic and historically significant cities, in this case; Florence, Venice, and Istanbul.


What I also liked about Inferno here is that it is just as fast-paced and as much a page-turner as Angels was. Although I do feel like its a little too predictable this time, given that this is only the second book I’ve read from him.

The characters are practically the same, its like you’ve already guessed that this girl here is just a pawn and she’ll surely die soon. This guy is definitely the mastermind of all this mess. This girl here is hiding something. This guy is helping the mastermind. And it’s quite disappointing finding out that you were quite right about the characters in the end.

And sadly, for Inferno, the conclusion is not quite as rewarding as Angels. After I’ve finished the book I was like “I stayed up late several nights just for that?”

Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed it still. Having read Dan Brown once before, I kinda knew that I was in for a summer blockbuster flick type of reading experience. I mean you can almost see the lens flares and dramatic close up shots in the way he writes. No deep contemplation and reflection necessary.

On a much more personal and highly unrelated note, I’ve been unemployed in between jobs for about a month now. Just wanted to share that. This is my personal blog after all.

I will however be starting with my new work next week so I just might have enough time for another fast-paced, page-turner book. Any suggestions? šŸ™‚

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