Angel Time by Anne Rice

Anne Rice has always been one of my favorite authors. I remember reading Interview with the Vampire for the first time years ago and how I found her prose richly engrossing.

Its like Anne didn’t write the words at all but Louis himself, revealing his journey through the centuries of his human and vampire existence.

I can definitely say the same for the two other novels of her that I’ve read. And those are The Vampire Lestat and The Wolf Gift.

I always find her stories so immersive that I just buckle up my seat and enjoy the ride. Her writing never failed to make me feel like I really was there in 17th century London or modern day California. Wherever and when-ever her stories took place.


Angel Time, although short, is similarly captivating. Despite the immense fantasy and sheer implausability of the story, she never fail to keep her main character, in this case an assassin named Toby O’dare, grounded and utterly human.

Highly unlikely that you might meet a hired killer willing to tell you his painful past and yet with reading Angel Time, you feel like you just did. Highly unlikely as well for you to meet an Angel and travel through time with him but its believable because your story-teller Toby is believable.

I cant remember the last time I have finished a book in less than 24 hours but Im quite excited to read the sequels in what is to become Rice’s Songs of the Seraphim series.

This first book is quite short to begin with but I sure didn’t expect to go through it that quickly. The conflict of the story felt for me a bit too simple and unexciting but everything else is trademark Anne Rice.

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