Sunday Lunch Out and Movie

Ate out yesterday at Magnolia Flavor House in Robinsons Magnolia Mall with my sister and brother. It was our first time to eat there.

I had chocolate shake and mushroom melt angus burger which I wasn’t able to finish. It wasn’t as big as the other burgers I’ve tried but I think it was because I already drank too much of the chocolate shake to have enough space in my tummy for the burger.

Afterwards we watched Pacific Rim. A good popcorn movie, I guess. Typical hollywood summer blockbuster with big robots vs monsters fights. Although I did like the story and visual effects were quite awesome.

I also found it cool that they had an asian girl in a leading and very prominent role. And she didn’t quite fit the stereotypical asian girl in hollywood flicks either who wore skimpy clothes and was on screen for just some eye candy. Didn’t get the actress’ name though.

So that’s how my Sunday went. Third training week at work will start later at 12mn and first payday will be on Thursday 🙂


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