Baguio City: There’s always a first time


Went there with the siblings about 2 weekends ago.

Baguio City, known as the summer capital of the Philippines due to its high altitude and pleasing cold weather, is about 4-5 hours drive/bus ride from Manila.

Given its proximity to the capital, its not quite an exotic destination and is actually one of the top choices for Manileños to visit during the holidays or even quick weekend trips.

Surprisingly, it took me all 26 years of my existence before I could visit the place. Poor me. Atleast I have a “first” that I could share with my dog Zoe 🙂 All our dogs came along for the trip too :3

Luckily my sister has been there countless times so she knew the best places to eat. Loved the bagnet from Forest House, the creamy carbonnara with lots of bacon bits from this well-known place called Café by the Ruins, and the pancake tower from 50’s Diner.

The doggies were quite content chasing each other and playing fetch at Camp John Hay. First time Ben, Jack and Zoe has ever seen a horse. Unsurpisingly they chased and barked at one that came quite close to us. I can imagine them be like “What the fuck is that?! A gigantic dog!! Let’s chase it!”

As always, here are the pictures. This time shot with my newish Nokia Lumia 620.

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