The Museum of the Filipino People and Rizal Shrine

And here now is the third and final installment of my little National Museum series. These are a few shots I took from the second building which houses items and artifacts of significance to the history and cultural identity of the Philippines and Filipinos, aptly called the Museum of the Filipino People.

This second building was previously occupied by the Finance Department.

One of my favorite exhibits here is that of the San Diego, a galleon that sank off Manila Bay during the Spanish Era. On display are the many treasures recovered from the ship when the wreck was finally located back in I dont quite remember when. Notice the little shells that made a home on this scabbard during its many years of submersion.

Another item of note, and one of my faves as well, would be the Manunggul jar, a burial jar. On the picture above is the top cover which features two human figures on a boat. It is believed that this little sculpture signifies the journey of the spirit or soul of the deceased into the after-life.

These jar covers are giving me some strong ancient alien vibes. LOL.

The museum also exhibits some natural history specimens given that we don’t have a natural history museum.

Hold that thought though as construction of The Natural History Museum is already underway seen here from a window. This building previously housed the Department of Tourism and is being converted as the newest addition to what will soon become the National Museum Complex to be completed in 2015.

And finally, no visit to the National Museum would be complete without a side-trip to the Luneta Park, aka Rizal Shrine.