Zoe Got This “Wait” Command Like A Boss

So I’m quite pleased with myself that I was able to teach Zoe this “wait” command where she will only eat the treat I laid down in front of her after I snap my fingers. We did the above video just this afternoon during our daily walk. She’s been very consistent and she doesn’t have any problems doing it with her meals too.

It boggles my mind though how domesticated dogs have adapted to humans’ penchant for these so called tricks. Especially this “wait” thing since it totally goes against nature and survival instincts.

If you see food, you eat it. You get rid of any obstacle and you do everything you can to get that food in your mouth. That’s how you survive in nature.

But these dogs, after thousands of years of domestication, have somehow learned to go against their better judgement, and get the food only upon the snap of her human’s fingers. It just seems so crazy and amazing to me how they’ve evolved that way. Just amazing!

Oh… hello again blog. I’m still here. I just might be updating regularly again. Not really sure but I just wanted to let this out of my brain. Thanks for still following. Take care you.


Oh yeah, almost forgot, its my birthday today too! This marks my 3rd consecutive birthday post. Go me!


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